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The Elemental CBD Story

Jason DiGuilio learning the benefits of CBD

Elemental CBD was dreamed about for many years by our founder, Jason DiGuilio. Jason has been a chef for over 25 years. He owned Sweet Lorraine’s in Quincy, California for 5 years and then moved on to work in many prestigious restaurants including White Bark at The Weston in Mammoth and Wild Goose in North Lake Tahoe. He made a name for himself by using only the freshest, in season, often local, and highest quality ingredients in his cooking. Some of Jason’s other passions include spending time outdoors, training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, archery, skiing, and spending time with family, including his two beautiful grandchildren.


Jason has traveled the world experiencing different cultures and cuisines and through those experiences has developed a passion and belief of using food and plants to nourish and heal the body. Jason strongly believes in using the hemp plant for many reasons but, most importantly, for medicinal purposes.


Just like in his cooking, Jason insisted on sourcing the highest quality CBD from the most ethical and quality sources. Our partner’s hemp farms and state of the art extraction facility in Colorado, are known world wide for their vertical integration and responsible and sustainable farming practices. This made them the obvious choice for Jason.


Elemental CBD is a family run business. Jason handles all of the day to day business tasks while Maciel, his fiancée, runs the social media and marketing.


Maciel and Elemental CBDMaciel works full time as a Home Visitor for a non profit organization in Northern Nevada. She works with families to make sure their children are school ready and hitting their developmental milestones. Maciel has a passion for serving and loves that Elemental CBD gives her another outlet to serve her community. Maciel wasintroduced to the benefits of CBD by Jason. She has been dealing with anxiety since she was a young child. For years she managed to keep it under control through yoga, exercise, and meditation but she found that those tools alone were not helping as much as she would like. CBD changed Maciel’s life. She no longer suffers from the debilitating panic attacks that she was used to experiencing and found that she was better able to handle her diverse and demanding responsibilities, including being a mother to her seven year old son. Maciel has used her platform on social media to share her story and encourage others to speak out about their mental health and struggles as a parent. Some of Maciel’s other passions are yoga, reading, traveling, and enjoying Lake Tahoe in all four seasons.


Both Jason and Maciel have full time jobs. Elemental CBD is a passion project that they spend every free minute and penny working on. Every ounce of energy they have is being poured into this company. They truly believe that CBD can enhance anyone’s wellness but they are also incredibly transparent. CBD alone will not cure your ailments. It will not replace any exercise, therapy, meditation, or healthy eating routine. What it will do is play the perfect compliment to your wellness routines. You may recover faster from intense workouts, you may feel relaxed enough to open up more in your therapy sessions, dig deeper in your mediation, and feel so good that you want to eat healthy so that you feel even better.


Elemental CBD believes in creating healthy individuals, which in turn creates healthier families, communities, and ultimately, a healthier world. We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about our company and we look forward to serving you.


Jason and Maciel