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Seniors show how CBD can be good for seniors

Not everyone has the privilege of experiencing aging: however, for all of us that, thankfully, do, perhaps there is not a better time for the journey than today! The surge in popularity of supplementing with CBD for seniors is for good reason. The natural, non-toxic benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, is helping millions of seniors upgrade their daily quality of life. So, what are the benefits for seniors supplementing with CBD? Let’s look at how it works and why you or your loved one might want to give it a try.

CBD As A Natural Treatment Aid For Inflammation and Chronic Pain

Inflammation is a natural protective response of the body to harmful damage, pathogens or irritants. It is the immune response to infections and injury. However, persistent or chronic inflammation is the foundation of many autoimmune and chronic disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, asthma and even Alzheimer’s.

In the medical protocol for treating any autoimmune disease, such as arthritis, the first goal is to eliminate inflammation in the body. The pain experienced in these disorders is also due to the chronic state of inflammation.

CBD supplementation reduces inflammation in the body naturally and can help ease the symptoms of chronic pain due to the many conditions associated with autoimmune disorders and aging.

CBD For Insomnia

Insomnia is an extremely common problem for seniors. For those people dealing with daily pain and discomfort, unfortunately, it also affects their ability to sleep soundly and through the night. This is also a challenge for seniors that are experiencing anxiety and frustration and it also just seems to be a part of the aging process. Current research points to cannabidiol (CBD) as a natural treatment aid alternative for insomnia.

Prescription medications for insomnia have been shown to have many side effects that can seriously affect seniors, and all ages, for that matter. In contrast, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil can safely and naturally help adjust your natural sleep-wake cycle, help with pain and anxiety reduction and help provide you with a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

A very small dose of CBD oil, a few drops under your tongue, before bed, might just be the portal to a delicious night’s sleep! Why not give it a try!

CBD For Digestive Health

Another common aging challenge is digestive disorders. Age related digestive disorders are also associated with chronic inflammation. So, by including CBD supplementation in your daily regimen, you can help reduce inflammation and therefore address one of the root causes of gastrointestinal complications.

One of the ancient and historical uses of cannabis sativa was for treating gastrointestinal disorders. PCR Broad Spectrum CBD Extract has been shown to stimulate the cells in the gastrointestinal lining, thereby, reducing inflammation and providing an effective treatment aid.

By adding a daily supplemental dose of CBD to your daily health care regimen, you just might find your golden years are truly the best years of your life!

Have you or a beloved senior in your life tried CBD? If so, what was your experience? Please share with us in the comment section below! We love hearing your stories!

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