Supplementing CBD For Bones And Joints: Benefits and Dosing

CBD has become a hot topic in the world of natural healing, as well as research science. There are many benefits of CBD for a vast array of conditions, from anxiety and chronic pain to sleeping disorders and mood enhancement. One of the benefits that are increasingly on the radar of researchers is CBD supplementation […]

CBD For Energy: Does It Really Work and Why?

If you are an athlete, extreme sports enthusiast, or fitness junky, you most likely are looking for ways to super charge your energy. If you work a full time job, have kids or own a business, you always need more energy, right? So, beyond coffee and energy drinks, how do you boost your energy in […]

Is CBD Oil Safe: Are There Risks And Side Effects?

CBD oil, (cannabidiol) has quickly become a popular natural, alternative, treatment aid supplement. This cannabinoid, when extracted from the hemp plant, offers a multitude of benefits. However, if you haven’t tried CBD oil yet, you may be wondering: is it safe and are there side effects? Here are some key points that will help answer […]

Is CBD Oil A Mood Enhancer? What You Need To Know

When it comes to health and living your best life, one of the main factors is your mood. Your emotional balance is a key factor in your physical health, as well as how you function in everyday life. No one escapes the challenges, stresses and sorrows that are part of your life adventure. The thing […]

CBD Oil Dosage: Broad Spectrum VS Isolate And Finding Your Personal Optimum

When it comes to finding your personal optimum dose of CBD, there are many factors at play. Although there are general suggested guidelines of CBD Oil dosage for various conditions: your general health, weight, genetics and the quality and potency of the CBD product must be considered. The good news is CBD is non-toxic and […]

How to Treat Anxiety Naturally – 5 Powerful Key Benefits Of CBD Oil

CBD oil has been shown to have a multitude of benefits for symptoms of anxiety. From daily stress to more severe anxiety disorders like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), CBD has demonstrated to have the potential to powerfully reduce and manage symptoms. Let’s take a look at 5 key reasons that you just might want to try […]

Post Workout Supplement for Recovery: 5 Key Reasons To Consider CBD

Athletes, Extreme Sports enthusiasts, dancers, or anyone that pushes physical limits needs a recovery regimen. So why are many high performance athletes considering CBD as a post workout supplement for recovery. When the body undergoes intense workouts there will be symptoms like sore muscles, increased inflammation, nausea and more. Traditional pharmaceutical and over the counter […]

CBD For Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms: Is It Effective And Should You Try It?

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune condition that causes the body to mistake it’s own tissues as foreign and attack them. In the case of RA, the immune system attacks joints as well as other parts of the body. This creates symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, and inflamed, swollen joints. The medications used to treat […]

5 Natural Benefits of CBD For Athletes

Athletes, extreme sports enthusiasts, and all work out junkies share similar challenges. When you are working the body and pushing limits you are going to have soreness, aches and pains. In the past, these symptoms have been treated with ibuprofen, aspirin and other over the counter chemical painkillers that have long term, dangerous side effects. […]

Why CBD Oil is So Expensive?

When it comes to the question, ‘why is CBD so expensive?’ there are many key factors to consider. Let’s face it; often you consider something expensive until you understand the full value of the product. When it comes to understanding the benefits of CBD, there are many levels of development and production that govern both […]